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McJ's Education Tutoring & Coaching -- Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you select your tutors / coaches?
McJ’s Education Centre finds its tutors and coaches in a number of different ways. All tutors and coaches are put through a screening process to find the very best within their field(s). All tutors and coaches are interviewed, trained and go through the states working with children check. All of McJ’s Education tutors and coaches we feel meet the very high standards that we expect in this very important job.

2. What type of tutors / coaches do you have available?

McJ’s Education Centre have a wide range of tutors and coaches from all around Australia. McJ’s tutors and coaches’ range from being qualified teachers, professional tutors and sports athletes, to university students currently finishing their degree in that field.

3. Are there any contracts or hidden fees?
No, at McJ’s Education Centre, you pay for what you use and that is IT. There are no set requirements per month. You pay per hour at the end of each month for the time used. No set agreement times or cancellation fees. We are as flexible as you need us to be. We will ask that you sign our agreement that just states that you are using are service and will follow some guidelines that we have.

4. What are the costs?
At McJ’s Education Centre, we have three levels of expertise. A level 1 tutor or coach is usually not as experienced as a level 3 tutor or coach, therefore the prices differ. Please speak with a McJ’s Education Centre consultant to find out the exact cost as per your needs.

5. Will you will find me the most appropriate tutor or coach?
McJ’s Education Centre knows its tutors and coaches back to front and inside out. After our initial discussions we will the most suitable tutor/coach for you. If by some chance we don’t send someone you meets your needs, please contact us immediately and we will change the tutor/coach. Very rarely have we not got it right.

6. What times are your tutors / coaches available?
McJ’s Education Centre is here to serve you with your tuition needs. Are tutors and coaches are very flexible. We understand that life is very busy and they know how to fit in. Whether it need a morning, afternoon, night time or even weekend tuition session we have your needs covered.

7. How many lessons must I required to have?
There are NO set requirements on how many sessions you must have per week, month or in total. Whether you need some extra work before exams or a year long program, McJ’s Education Centre can serve your needs.

8. Where will the tutoring or coaching take place?
The tutoring or coaching usually takes place in your home. However if arranged with the tutor / coach the session can take place in a mutually agreed venue, such as a local library, parent/guardian work etc. With our sports coaching the location will probably be at a sports ground near your home.

9. How do I pay my invoice?
You will be charged per hour for the sessions you have undertaken throughout that month. At the end of the month, you will be sent an invoice in which you have 5 days to settle. You may settle this invoice by cheque, money order, cash or direct deposit.