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Getting an A+ in Compare and Contrast Essays Paper

There are many types of essays: argumentative, persuasive, informative, comparison and contrast essay, etc. Different type has different ways of writing. From all kinds of essays, writing a compare and contrast essay may be the most difficult one. Why? Because students need to research twice! But, don’t worry. Here are the tips to write compare and contrast essays.

Comparing and contrasting are not the same

What is the difference between comparing and contrasting? Comparing means researching two similar materials. Students need to identify the similarities in the two essays. Contrasting is the opposite of comparing. Contrasting means researching two different materials with differences. Students need to find the different key points. Then, they compare the differences. Generally, professors may ask you to do only compare essay or contrast essay. However, your teachers may assign you to write comparison contrast essay papers, too.

Topic is essential for compare and contrast essays

As usual writing, choosing a topic is your first step. What topic should I choose? You may choose any topic for comparison essay. But, it’s different for contrast essay. Pick a topic which is debatable. Debatable means people can have different or contrast opinions over the topic. Read many materials about your topics. See if you can find various opinions from other students, scholars, professors, or other people.

Diagram and chart are useful to note down similarities and differences

In arranging compare and contrast essays, it is a must to note down the similarities and differences. This can be a complicated task. Instead of using bullet points, students may use diagram or chart. You may draw two overlapping circles or more. Assign each different trait into parts that do not overlap. The overlap parts are for similarities. This chart will be useful later for writing. So, a long list of points is not needed.

Not every trait is important to mention

You may find many similarities or differences. But, be careful. Not all similarities or differences can be used. Too many traits will make your topic is too wide. Try to decide your focus point. Choose only relevant and important similarities or differences for your paper. Then, you may find supporting details. Details can include examples, quotes, evidences, or other things. You will need them to support your key points.

Last step is organizing your paper

You may organize this kind of essay in 2 ways: subject-by-subject or point-by-point. In subject-by-subject essay, you can mention all points in the first essay, followed by all points in the second essay. In point-by-point essay, you mention one point in the first essay. Then, you compare or contrast it with one point in the second essay.

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