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How to Write an Essay Outline? Making Process is Simple!

Do you have problem with how to write an essay outline? Well, don’t worry. Most students do. Students think that arranging an essay outline is difficult, but it’s actually not. It is fairly simple after you learn how to do it. Let’s learn about how to write a good essay outline.

Write your ideas and arguments of the topic

List your personal ideas. If you have something in mind, write them down. Don’t worry about good or bad and right or wrong. Listing ideas comes first. Identifying the best ideas comes a second. Asking yourself about the topic seems like a great thing to do. You may ask these questions:
  • What is the topic about?
  • What is your opinion?
  • How is it related to a particular thing or event?
  • How will you support your opinion?
  • Which side do you take?
  • etc.

Categorize your ideas into groups

Categorizing is the most difficult step. You have to put similar ideas into one heading. Students generally find difficulties in categorizing their ideas. They have so many things in their mind. In this case, you can find the main ideas first. Main ideas usually are the biggest and most important ideas. Make them the headings. Then, put all smaller ideas into each heading. You may revise the grouping later. If possible, highlight contrastive ideas, so you can use it in the next step. For contrastive ideas, it is useful to use colors to differentiate the ideas. You can use coloring markers, pencils, pens, or highlighters. After you categorize the ideas, you may try to arrange them in sequence.

Arrange your outline

This is the last step. You should decide if you want to explain an idea or compare different ideas. For explaining an idea or opinion, you can delete all ideas that oppose your ideas. Furthermore, you should refute the opposite ideas with your arguments. For contrast essay, you don’t have to leave out any ideas. You may choose which side you will take. It could be pro, con, or neutral. Whatever your side is, make sure that your ideas are well supported. You don’t want the readers to disagree with your own ideas, do you?

Now that you understand how to write an essay outline, you can try to apply these simple steps. You may find good examples online from some sites. There may be a slight difference between each sample. But, they are mostly almost the same. When you’re done, you may ask for our advices. Students can consult their outlines with us. As a writing company, we do custom paper writing from article to presentation speech. Thus, we can also write or improve a paper outline. Our affordable paid services may not be the cheapest one, but it is one of the best ones. We only employ professional writers from AU, US, Canada, and UK to work on projects. Using our writers’ experiences and knowledge, we will turn your outlines into the best essay writing outlines!