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McJ’s Education Centre – How To Get Your Tutor

McJ’s Education Centre has two different centre's, its Education Centre and Sports Centre.

All McJ’s staff are either employee(s), contractors or consultants that work within their own hours and days that best fits their schedule. McJ’s staff are across most suburbs in most capital cities with a growing number in regional centre's. All of McJ’s staff are accredited in their field and go through training and development. McJ’s staff are all government approved and are in compliance with the ‘working children check’.

How to use McJ’s Education Centre;

1) You have a need for either one on one education tuition or sports coaching.

2) You contact McJ’s Education Centre either through the request a tutor form on its website or through the office.

3) A McJ’s Education Centre consultant will discuss your needs and requirements; they will then give you a variety of options and prices for you to choose from.

4) McJ’s Education Centre looks through its database of tutors and coaches to find the most suitable assignment writing service for your situation. Unfortunately, there are times (not very often) when we cannot meet your needs and rather than pretend and send you someone who is not qualified, we will explain this to you and see what you want to do.

5) The McJ’s Education Tutor or Coach that has been selected by McJ’s will make contact with you to discuss your needs and set up the best possible day & time for your tutoring or coaching to take place.

6) The tutoring or coaching will take place each day/time as organised between the customer and the tutor or coach.

7) At the end of each month McJ’s will invoice the customer the amount owed for any tutoring/coaching that has taken place during that month. The customer only pays for the tutoring that has taken place and they have signed for. The customer has 5 working days to pay the invoice.

8) The agreement the customer has made with the McJ’s Education Tutor will continue until the customer advices McJ’s Education Centre management that they would like to discontinue, in which at this time the relationship between McJ’s Education Centre and the customer will cease.

9) If there are any problems, that the customer has with its current tutor or coach, please call McJ’s management immediately to have the problem sorted out.

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