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Simple Process of Writing an Essay

“What is a process essay?” It may be your initial question when your professor mentions about process essay. So, as the name suggests, process essay is actually the same as how-to-do essay. Yes, it is about the steps to do something. Students often find examples of process essays every day like recipe and manual. Even, this article is a how-to-do article! Writing a process analysis essay is simple. You only need to follow this process of writing an essay outline: INCA – Imagine, Number, Create, and Arrange!

“Imagine” yourself doing something

First, to compose a good process essay, imagine yourself doing the process. When writing about ways to pronounce Aussie slangs, imagine yourself pronouncing the slangs. Then, remember the steps you do or take. Write them down in detailed parts. You shouldn’t arrange them yet, just write down any idea that comes into your mind. Don’t forget to list the materials or tools or everything you need.

“Number” your steps

After listing your steps, give correct numbers. Choose the first step, the second, and the third one, and so on. Be careful with your numbering. If you put the wrong number, then the whole process will be wrong to. Thus, you may re-read your steps again later. Re-imagining the process may also help you in checking the steps sequence.

“Create” your process essay outline

Here’s the next step: create! Your steps are now readable. You may add additional notes or information between each step. Try to make all steps flow well. If needed, you can change some difficult words with the easier ones. Next, just write your new outline in new sheet of paper!

“Arrange” the steps into good writing

Now that you’ve written your outline, let’s start writing a process analysis essay. The followings are the things you must write:
  • Introductory paragraph;
  • Topic sentence;
  • Process steps;
  • Transition sentences;
  • Conclusion paragraph.

Well, you can write almost anything in introductory paragraph, as long as it is relevant. When writing about Australian slangs, you may introduce about the use of slangs, who uses the slangs, why it is important to learn, etc. Topic sentence summarizes all the messages in the text. To make it simple, just tell the readers what process you will explain in the paragraph. Process steps are obviously necessary. Between each step, you may use transitional sentence or statement. It is a way to move from a step to another one. People generally use transitional words such as, first, second, third, next, then, after that, etc. Last, you have to conclude your essay. Close your essay with a conclusion paragraph. Here, you can restate your main idea and summarize the steps in simpler and briefer ways.

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