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Various College Essay Format Examples for Academic Paper

Essay format may become a problem for students. There are various kinds of writing which make students confused with the format. The purposes of texts also vary: to explore, discuss, describe, analyze, compare, contrast, persuade, etc. However, all essay formats share the same basic structure. If you’ve read online essay format examples, you must know their structures. Typically, they have introduction – body – conclusion paragraphs. But, the structure of an essay is not the only thing you should be aware. Format for citation styles are also important.

Introduction must reveal background of the topic

The first paragraph will always be an introduction. State your topic clearly. When choosing a topic, you should pick a general topic. It should not be too specific or broad. Then, write the background of the topic and your thesis statement. You should tell the readers what you’re going to talk about in the essay. Introduce your ideas here. Every sentence in your next paragraphs depends on this paragraph.

Body explains about evidences and supporting details

Body is another important part of essay. There is no rule stating how many paragraphs should be in the body. But, normally there are three. Sometimes, people may write four to six body paragraphs. It depends on the content and kind of essay. Put evidences and details which support your thesis statement in the first paragraph. All evidences must be relevant and connected.

Conclusion paragraph is not a copy of introduction

Many students think that conclusion is the same as introduction. No, it is not. Conclusion re-states the main topic in different ways. You may rephrase it, though, but don’t copy it. An important note is, try to avoid using “In conclusion…” The readers know that the last paragraph must be a conclusion. So, don’t bother to tell them again. Furthermore, there should be something that readers can get from your essay. It can be short summary, persuasion, understanding, or other things. Most of the time, conclusion gives the most impact for readers. Shortly, it should leave a lasting impression for readers.

Different citation styles may have different formats

There are many academic citation styles, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and other styles. The most common citation styles for academic essays are MLA and APA. There are several formats you need to adjust:
  1. Cover page
  2. Document setting
  3. Page header
  4. Title block
  5. Citation
  6. Work cited list
  7. Table and figure

Document setting includes margin, paragraph spacing, line height, font size and type. Page header refers to the page number and header at the top of the essay. To get the formats, you should search online. A great number of sites provide help for MLA sample essays format.

Students should remember these 4 key points in writing. For easier process, you also should search college essay formats examples. If you face any problem, we’re ready to give you advices. We pay attention to various essay formats every time we take on orders. Our premium services offer top paid custom essays. All custom orders are delivered quickly. Whatever your essay order is, we guarantee top essay result within the deadline!